Red Wine

1 HOUSE RED: MARCEL HUBERT –  (Glass) 2.90 Bottle – 15.90

(French) A hearty wine. Mellow and rounded with lots of plumy fruit and southern warmth. Medium Dry.

2 MERLOT – Bottle – 17.50

San Andres (Chillean). A glowing ruby wine packed with plumy fruit overlaid with a touch of fresh roast coffee. Soft and subtle, Dry.

3 SHIRAZ – Bottle – 17.90

(Australian). Scenic Ridge. Full bodied with intense berry fruit flavours and subtle oaky notes.

4 PINOTAGE – Bottle – 17.90

(South African). The grapes are selected for giving optimal varietal expressions. Enticing and exciting with liberal lashing of ripe mulberry, juicy raspberry, cloves, spice and vanilla oak.

5 BOUJALAIS – Bottle – 19.30

Burgundy. A vivid, light, juicy red with breezy red currant fruit and gentle finish.

6 RIOJA RED – Bottle – 19.50

Faustino VII (Spanish). A very inviting fruity flavoured wine. Ideal for spicy food.

7 CHÂTEAUNEUF DU PAPE – Bottle – 26.90

(French). This is a full bodied spicy wine with powerful aromas.The low yielding vines give this wine remarkable harmony and balance.These qualities are enhanced by


8 MARCEL HUBERT – (Glass) 3.00 – Bottle – 15.90

(French). A pretty rose pink wine. Fragrant with rose petals and raspberries. Medium dry but balanced with a lively fresh finish.


(Californian) This white zinfandel is pale pink in colour with ripe strawberry and candid watermellon flavours and a soft clean finish.

10 HOUSE WHITE: MARCEL HUBERT – (Glass) 2.90 – Bottle – 15.90

(French). This is a soft medium dry wine with a fresh and lively finish

11 SAUVIGNON BLANC – Bottle – 17.50

(San Andres – Chillean). Appetising, zippy, fresh with hints of crushed nettles and green leaves. Dry.

12 CHENNIN BLANC Dry – Bottle – 17.90

(South Africa). A dry white wine which is extremely soft,with green apples, fruit and floral overtones.

13 CHARDONNAY – Bottle – 17.90

(Australian). Scenic Ridge. Rich, ripe tropical fruit flavours supported by a refreshing crispness.

14 PINOT GRIGIO – Bottle – 18.90

(Italian). A fresh crisp fruity wine from the Veneto region of north east Italy. Well balanced with gooseberry fruits and refreshingly dry.

15 CHABLIS Dry – Bottle – 23.90

Pale yellow wine with green tints, it has typically steely mineral aromas and a hint of butter. steely mineral aromas and a hint of butter.



16 LAURENT PERRIER – Bottle – 49.00

Nv Reims 75cl


17 VINO SPUMANTE – Bottle – 18.90

Dry. Delicate white stone fruit and lemon flavours and fine bubbles.

18 PINOT ROSÉ – Bottle – 19.20

Dry Juicy raspberry and cranberry flavours.